Sites in the S3X Connect Network

S3X Connect is under development, but when completed it will have a variety of sites in its network to facilitate hooking up for casual sex…

Wily Willy is a general hookup site for gay guys into regular/vanilla sex.

#BBBH is for gay bareback pigs. If your obsession is getting cum in your ass or cumming in other guys’ asses – #BBBH is the site for you.

Oral Pigs is for guys into hardcore, piggy oral sex. If you love sucking dick for hours, or love the sight of a cocksucker constantly working your knob – Oral Pigs is for you.

Please Note: If you like oral sex but just see it as foreplay – then Oral Pigs is not the site for you.

Cumdump Network is a sub-site of #BBBH and Oral Pigs. It allows oral and anal cumdumps to publicly list their availability with contact details and location. Tops do not need to sign up to use Cumdump Network – just contact the bottom directly and hookup.

Twisted Pigs is a site for gay guys into BDSM and other hardcore fetishes – piss, fisting, puppy play, CBT, flogging, whipping, electro, etc.

Once these sites are completed we will probably be adding sites for straight sex and sex with trannies / cross-dressers.

Site Architecture Reimagined

I started working on a few months ago, then set it aside while I thought through some of the issues. What I realized is that I wasn’t building the site to do everything I had hoped. There were big limitations in my design.

So now that I’ve taken a break and rethought things I’m about to go back at it in earnest. S3X Connect is a big part of the redesign. Instead of building one hookup site which could be copied and modified, I’m going to build an integrated network of hookup sites. That means when one site gets a new feature, they can all get it (if it suits their focus) and I won’t have to duplicate coding and worry about which version of which file is on what site.

The S3X Connect Network will be made up of the following hookup sites:

  • – for hardcore barebackers – guys who live to give and take loads in their ass
  • – much like only for guys who prefer oral loads, cum facials, and bukkake – in other words a “hardcore oral sex” site for guys who are serious about cocksucking.
  • – a sub-site of and Oral Pigs with public listings of available cumdumps – guys who will take any load no questions asked. This means tops don’t need to set up a profile to hookup – which should be helpful for married guys, etc. who need to be discreet. The Cumdump Network idea is an outgrowth of discussions on Breeding Zone. Guys there are so enthusiastic about the idea that they’ve already started posting their locations and phone numbers.
  • – a hardcore fetish site for things like fisting, piss/watersports, foot worship, BDSM, masters/slaves, etc. The blog currently on the site will continue.
  • – a vanilla sex site for “regular guys” who don’t consider themselves pigs. It also currently has a blog which will be migrated over and be part of the new site.

The advantage of having a network is that when you login to one you login to all of them. I know I’m a member of sites like Recon and WaterBoys but they’re sorta useless because they’re not where I go when I’m looking for sex.  Would I be fine with a piss pig coming over and drinking my piss while I’m trying to find a bottom to fuck? Absolutely! But that never happens because I don’t bother to login to WaterBoys when I’m looking.