Who runs s3x_CONNECT?

s3x_CONNECT is run by Studio 3X It was conceived and developed by rawTOP.

Do I have to use the same profile name on all the s3x_CONNECT sites?

Absolutely not. You can use different profile names on each site or even have multiple, linked profiles on the same site. That's right - one login and you can see messages for multiple profiles - even multiple profiles on the same site.

Can other users use my profile name on other sites within the s3x_CONNECT Network?

No. Once you have a profile name only you can use that profile name within the s3x_CONNECT Network.

I'm with a health agency and need to contact a s3x_CONNECT member…

We understand that STDs are part of the sexual landscape, but need to be reduced as much as possible. To that end we offer messaging-only memberships for county/city health departments and other STD clinics. There are a few rules however…

Any violation of these rules will be dealt with harshly. Your agency may lose it's right to do STD notifications using our system.

Also, realize that s3x_CONNECT has an internal, anonymous STD reporting mechanism which allows members to tell other members that they've tested positive for an STD. The member may have already been notified by the time you contact them.